e.CLOUD by ecom

e.CLOUD is THE revolutionary solution for advanced measurement data management in companies of all sizes

Manufacturer independent

No more isolated thinking and data clutter. All measurement data in one place under one interface.

For all. Overall. At any time.

Native app and web app => independent from measuring devices, OSs and end devices.

Any measurement data

From ecom: by nature | from other relevant manufacturers: via interfaces | rest: manual


All-in-one measurement data management

With e.CLOUD, complete measurement data management for a wide variety of devices under one interface is finally becoming a reality.

The e.CLOUD is interesting for everyone: from self-employed engineers to craft businesses to corporations. Due to the high variability of the system, it can be precisely adapted to individual needs. While measurement data management is the priority for tradespeople, it is more device monitoring for customer service managers in larger companies. Different modules are being developed for these different focal points, so that you can put together your own individual solution.


Selected Highlights

e.CLOUD is the information solution for everyone who professionally determines, processes and distributes measurement data and for everyone who professionally uses, controls and maintains measuring devices. Come together in the ecom cloud.

Technology and User Experience

Many standardized protocols and measurement types for different applications are already part of the e.CLOUD and are available right from the start.

Thought of everything

Everything in the ecom e.CLOUD is geared towards intuitive usability and adapted to all metrological requirements.


Open to all relevant data

The practical flex fields ensure individual configuration and customization options and make e.CLOUD an all-in-one solution.

Whether decentralized work via remote monitoring or clear device and fleet management

In combination with the typical ecom added values of service, support and technology, the e.CLOUD becomes a smart solution for all measurement and measurement data requirements.


Technical Environments

The e.CLOUD from ecom focuses on future security, device neutrality and data integrity.


Smartphones, tablets, PCs

Operating Systems

Android, iOS, Windows


Mobile, WLAN, USB


ERP connections